Woodchopper’s Ball – Música

Woodchopper’s Ball“, also known as “At the Woodchopper’s Ball” is a 1939 jazz composition by Joe Bishop and Woody Herman. The up-tempo blues tune in D-flat major was the Woody Herman Orchestra’s biggest hit, as well as the most popular composition of either composer, selling a million records.
The tune has been performed by numerous artists and is considered a jazz standard. It is included in the first volume of Hal Leonard’s Real Book. The original recording by Woody Herman and His Orchestra received the Grammy Hall of Fame Award in 2002.
Twistin’ at the Woodchopper’s Ball written by Ronn Metcalfe was a 1962 hit based on Herman’s song which attained a Gold Album status.

1939 HITS ARCHIVE: Woodchopper’s Ball – Woody Herman (Decca version)

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